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Aug 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
because of an e-mail steve jobs sent out to the board. to the board of directors, i have always said that if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. i here by resign as ceo of apple. i would like to serve as chairman of the board, director and apple employee. as far as my successor goes, i strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name tim cook as ceo of apple. he said i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it and i look forward to contributing to it in my new role. thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you. signed simply steve. it is easy to use superlatives. you're looking at video of jobs earlier in june facing the cupertino city council about the future and apple's new headquarters. since then with the imac and the macbook, the cell phone looks a whole lot different. 279 million ipods helped change the music business. more recently the ipad. let's not forget pixar, giving animation a big
Aug 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
very best we have a live report from nbc's steve handelsman in new york. we want to go to sfo where dozens of flights were canceled because of hurricane irene. hello, monty. >> reporter: good evening. here at sfo, a total of 87 departing flights were canceled and 46 of those flights were canceled today. all weekend long passengers have been scrambling to book other flights. all the airlines have been flying to locations on the east coast such as washington, d.c., baltimore and philadelphia the first flight is the red eye. there is a huge back up and thousands of people getting back to the east coast, some are being told they will wait several days to get out of here. we found one woman inside here at the united counter trying to get back to new jersey. she was told she couldn't get a flight until saturday. >> i know it's mother nature and they probably have nothing to do with it, but i hope they can try to get organized. >> i missed my vacation with my daughter and i missed changing the flights and i said come hell or high water. my daughter is having a staycation which is not the s
Aug 25, 2011 6:00pm PDT
visionary steve jobs steps down, we're learning more about his successor. tim cook sent apple employees a letter about what happens now at the company. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here. was mr. cook able to calm things down today? >> he was. people at apple stores and stockholders rr looking forward. on day one sending out this letter saying he looks forward to the amazing opportunity of serving as ceo of the most innovative company in the world. he said, i want you to be confident that apple is not going to change. steve built a company and culture unlike any other in the world, and we are going to stay true to that. it is in our dna. as for apple stock, it held up today. actually falling less than the overall stock market. as most investors held onto their shares. investors buy and hold stock based on what they think the company will do in the future. if apple's future is secure, so is the steve jobs way. just ask the new generation of silicon valley ceos. >> is there anything else i don't know about? this is horrible. i'm shutting it down. >> w
Aug 13, 2011 6:00pm PDT
musical event draws in big imnas like peas and we saw a familiar face the co-founder of apple steve wosniak because was in the crowd here, and they plan on 60,000 per day with more than half of the people coming from out of town. >> yeah, it is a blast. the people watching is great, and the shows have been great. yeah, it is -- it is pretty cool to see all of the folks in one place for one reason, and yeah, it has been a great time. >> reporter: and event planners also say it has been a calm time here and no arrests and no problems, but diane, as you mentioned earlier, if you don't have to come to the golden gate park areaer for the concert, try to avoid it, because parking is very, very limited right now. >> all right. fair enough. thank you, elise. >>> still ahead at 6:00, an update on to keep tahoe blue campaign and after years of improving the clarity of the lake, something changed recently, and we will show you. >>> and the tweet that tied up phone lines at a california sheriff's department for hours. sgloot and a quick tour around the bay area here. 75 in san jose and 65 in oa
Jul 31, 2011 6:00pm PDT
prevent new crimes and close old ones. but steve argued it's the lengthy appeals that cost so much. we should change california's law to mirror that of texas,
Aug 10, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. >> steve tyler and rick are what you might call professional gold diggers. >> well, the economy in 1979 hit the skids and there was no construction work. i started looking at gold. >> reporter: for three decades, tyler has plucked 77% of his income in the streams and rivers of the gold country. >> i'm hoping for a surprise. i'm a pretty cynical person so i don't get gold fever. i don't -- the trick is not to waste your time thinking you're going to get rich because you're not. >> he's rich. >> reporter: with the price of gold hitting record levels, these gold seekers have plenty of company. they have seen a run of gold pans and other equipment. >> there's about 15 people right up there panning and a couple there and people panning right over here. everybody is out looking for gold. >> in fact, the price of gold is so high even with the hand tools that i can make 50 to $100 a day. >> reporter: he shows off some of his recent work, worth about $12,000. up until a couple years ago, the pair used dredgers to comb the river but the state banned the dredges. >> i'm going broke. i'm trying to
Aug 11, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. steve stricker out of the bunker on 5, that's a nice shot. he's your tournament leader. he's setting the pace 7 under 63. >>> a's and jays baseball. well, up in canada, they're just eating some tim horton's waiting for hockey to start. top of the third, scoreless game, two on for cliff pennington. no banjo hitting allowed. deep shot to left. two score, 2-0 a's. later in the inning a's up and conner jackson, can't make the catch. am i seeing double? a two-run triple. a's up 5-0. top of the sixth, a's up 6-2 and hideki matsui with a single. sizemore comes in to score. godzilla 4 for 6, two rbi and two runs. a's win 10-3. >>> injury news on the struggling giants outfielder carlos beltran. he received a cortisone shot in his right wrist on wednesday and is unlikely to play in the series opener against the marlins on friday. general manager brian sab january told comcast sportsnet he still holds hope that beltran will play this weekend. >>> and friday matt cain gets the ball and the bump as the g-men look to bounce back from a very bad 3-7 home stand which saw them drop to second place in
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7